After publishing blog posts in English, I used the keyword "老楠" for searching. My blog ranked first on Google, but it decreased in ranking on Baidu. Is there any patterns?

pip install segno import segno wifi_settings = { ssid='(Wifi Name)', password='(Wifi Password)', security='WPA', } wifi = segno.helpers.make_wifi(**wifi_settings), dark=yellow, light=#323524, scale=8)


Mom's hearing is worse. I wish she were healthy. Find some methods to release stress. Get a career breakthrough by setting clear and achievable goals.

It's a good story.


After getting Omicron for so many days, Still feel helpless.


Tested using a sample of phlegm.


Fever is gone and I'm eating well. Self-quarantining for 4 days, really want to hug my kids again.

I am still experiencing a fever of around 38 degrees Celsius, a runny nose, and a sore throat.

And have had diarrhea all day.

Had a headache that felt like hell and a fever ranging from 38.5 to 39.1.

After heavy sweating, my body temperature went down to about 37.5.


The honored guest decided not to come

But my little girl smiles in her dream

Not all is as bad as we may imagine


-------- by Wan Xiaoli 这一切没有想象的那么糟

Given the presence of four COVID-19 positive cases in the office, I have been working from home. It is possible that I may soon test positive for the virus or …


I bought an oximeter online a few days ago, and the production time occurred after the order time. This is the current situation in China.

Alibaba Cloud's Hong Kong region C is down.

Female colleagues in our office are scared to death of Omicron, even though each of them can speak English fluently.


There is a crack a crack in everything.

That's how the light gets in.

Everybody in the office shows great anxiety about their children's education.

It is called "Neijuan" in Chinese.

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